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Treatment options for Urinary stone are :

1) PCNL/Mini PCNL- Small puncture is made over body, through which nephroscope is inserted and stone is removed from kidney.

 2) RIRS-using a flexible URS to enter kidney, upper or mid ureter and dust the stone. 

3) ECIRS-combing 1 & 2 to achieved a complete clearance of the stone burden in case its not possible by individual methods.

4) ESWL- Day care non-invasive option for treatment of stone disease of kidney & ureters, stone is broken into small pieces by giving shock waves. 

 5) URSL- Endoscopy method of surgery for lower ureteric stone, in which endoscope is inserted through urethra and stone is removed without any incision. 6) PUCL- Another minimal invasive method of removing bladder stone

We are one of the pioneers of day care TURP in the state. TURP is a method of removing chips of prostate using Bipolar technology which is the gold standard treatment of glands up to 80cc beyond which we are using TFL laser to enucleate the gland. Any kind of clot retention can be cleared endoscopically

RCC (Renal Cell Cancer) is one such cancer which is detected incidentally. It can be totally symptomless at the beginning. We offer treatment of such cancer by laparoscopy. Laparoscopy offers us the advantage of less pain, cosmetically appealing, early discharge and avoid many complication of the open approach.


Visible blood in urine is always alarming but sometime the amount lost is not visible to naked eyes. All smokers more than 45 years of age who are passing blood in urine 50% will have a definitive cause and 20% might have bladder cancer. Bladder cancer should be treated at the earliest and needs a strict follow up. A variety of urinary bladder needs careful instillation of medication in the bladder which we do it at.

Carcinoma of prostate is the 2nd most common malignancy among men in the world It can run in families. PSA (prostate specific antigen) is a tumour marker of prostate and the values are to be considered in the light of clinical scenario to extrapolate right line of treatment to the patient.

One need not to lose hope. Many of the causes are treatable. We  have in house facilities for diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction while maintaining the highest level Confidentiality

Causes can range from absent sperm cell to varicocele. We at RUH have facilities for varicocele surgery . Testicular biopsy and medical management of male infertility is a routine at RUH.